Careers Programme

At Horizons College we are committed to providing all our learners with a comprehensive programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) and work related learning. 

The main aims of the Careers Programme are to:

  • Inspire the learners and raise their aspirations
  • Consider all possible transitional pathways including paid or voluntary employment, training/apprenticeships, independent living etc.
  • Build the learner’s skills and experiences to support and prepare them for their chosen pathway
  • Provide independent careers advice and guidance, ensuring learners are aware of all the available options and opportunities
  • Inform and communicate with parents/carers so that together we can support our young people to reach their full potential
  • Support work based learning with a fully integrated and stimulating curriculum both in and out of the classroom

The Careers Programme at Horizons College entitles our learners to the following:

  • Regular, quality Work Experience or supported internships within a variety of local businesses and organisations. Work placements are designed to be purposeful and challenging and support students with their career and transition aspirations. Where appropriate for the learner, internal work placements, work shadowing in local businesses and employer visits may be accessed as an alternative or additional experience of the world of work.
  • Access to a wide range of enterprise activities. Where appropriate, learners may choose to be involved in: food enterprise, coffee shop provision, recycling, reprographics, gardening, jewellery making, car washing, seasonal gift making Holly’s Shop, and/or Advertising and Professional Relations.
  • Access to independent careers advice and Guidance – Horizons College is supported by a representative from the National Careers Service and an independent careers coach & consultant who will visit the college regularly to provide Group Workshops and 1:1 meetings with learners. Learners (and/or their parents/carers) may request a meeting at any time but all will be provided with one planned 1:1 meeting each academic year (where appropriate for the learner).
  • Access to local JobFests and Career Fairs (where appropriate for the learner).
  • Participation in Careers Week – once per academic year we invite a wide range of employers and specialists into the college to speak to learners about their job roles, skills and experiences, how they achieved their careers goals and what the learners can do if they are interested in that line of work.
  • Access to our Enterprise Adviser: Cliff Puffett – Cliff is a representative from local business who is available to provide local business advice and guidance to learners. He also supports the College in developing an effective and comprehensive Careers Programme and with the engagement of other local companies and organisations (e.g. by helping us to: source quality Work Experience placements, organise employer engagement events and attract volunteers from industry to attend our Careers Week).
  • Advice and guidance on Apprenticeships and supported employment options from both national and local organisations, as appropriate (e.g. Building Bridges and the Department of Work and Pensions).
  • A choice of Vocational Options – learners on the Pathway to Employment Course can select vocational options from a variety of specialisations: Customer Service/Retail, Health and social care, Hospitality and Catering, Business Admin/IT, Travel and Tourism, Practical Skills, Media and Art, Music, Sport.
  • Employability Lessons – Including: Health & Safety in the work place, routes to employment (education and training), internet job searching, writing CV’s and covering letters, completing application forms, interview skills, personal presentation and hygiene, time management, travel planning, working as part of a team / team building. What is learnt here will also be supported by work from the National Careers Service and our Enterprise Adviser.
  • Signposting to as many relevant external organisations and information providers as possible (website links – please see below).

Contact Details:
The Careers Leader at Horizons College is Laura James
Tel. 01793 481493    Mobile: 07586 483394

Follow the link for more information about:
Detailed information on our Careers Programme and how Horizons College intends to meet all 8 Gatsby Career Benchmark

The Horizons College Careers Strategy is next due to be reviewed in November 2022

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