College Governors

Governors are responsible for ensuring that the National Curriculum is taught in accordance with current legislation. They are responsible for the recruitment of staff, for use of the building and for prudent financial management of Horizons College. To discharge these duties they are assisted by Governor Support and staff at the Local Authority (LA).

Name Governor Appointed Date End of Term Appointed By
Kim West
Chair of Governors
Co-opted Governor 03.02.2022 02.02.26 Governing Committee
Heather Bowyer Co-opted 
17.01.2022 17.01.2025 Governing Committee
Joanne Lyons Co-opted 
03.03.2023 02.03.2027 Governing Committee
Caroline Ockwell Co-opted Governor 16.05.2017 16.05.2021 Governing Committee
Joe Szymanski Co-opted Governor 01.07.2020 01.07.2024 Governing Committee
Tricia Parkes Parent Governor 27.02.2023 26.02.2027 Governing Committee
Lorna Godden Staff Governor 05.03.2018 05.03.2022 Governing Committee
Maria Sly Staff Governor 10.12.2021 10.12.2025 Governing Committee
Catherine Long Associate Member  
Cliff Puffet Associate Member   
Governors who have resigned in the last 12 months:
Name Resignation Date First Appointed

Sam Bramfitt



Thomas Craigie

July 2022


Gee Forsyth 

June 2022


Nitish Gujadhur

February 2022


Terms of Office: 4 years


Follow the links to view:

Governors Declaration of Business Interests 2022 / 2023

Governors Record of Attendance 2021/2022

Annual Governance Statement 2021/2022

College Governance

The English College system is amongst the best in the world and has a central role in supporting the attainment of young people and adults, preparation for employment and further study and continued skills development.  It supports the aspirations of its learners, both for their own sake and to serve the needs of society.  It also plays a role in shaping democratic, sustainable and inclusive communities.  These well-defined purposes create the need for governance structures and practices which involve engaging with governors, staff, learners, parents / carers, other education partners and the business community. Please see documents below about the College Governance:

 College Governors Private Page


We currently have vacancies for Governors – if you are interested in becoming a Governor then please contact the College for a chat:

 Genti Mullaliu, Principal, 
01793 481493

We look forward to welcoming you to our Governing Body.