Curriculum Overview and INtent




Curriculum Overview Document

Curriculum Overview and Intent

Our Curriculum Intents to support Learners to develop their skills towards their longer-term living, employment and leisure opportunities.

Here at Horizons College we are constantly looking at what skills learners would like and need to develop and how these impact on the lives they want to live. Young people develop and mature during their time at College and our dedicated team of support surrounding them offer opportunities that will improve their independence, confidence and life chances.

Curriculum based around the preparation for adulthood guidance

Providing a progressive structured curriculum through assessment frameworks and an individualised approach with integrated therapy.

Subject map Ensuring that the Curriculum is Cohesive and sequenced, and that the curriculum is broad

With these areas being curriculum mapped and importantly a key focus on the therapeutic input which removes those barriers to learning for our learners in order that they can achieve success.