Extracurricular Offer and Enrichment

Friday Enrichment

Learners are able to pick which activity they would like to take part in for their Friday Enrichment activity. To help learners decide, an Exhibition of stalls for each activity was held so learners could explore and see what each option involved before making their informed choice. Activities available this term are:

John Muir Award

Creative Art

Media Club

College Radio


Performing Arts


Fitness Classes

John Muir Award

Horizons College is subscribing to deliver The  John Muir Trust Award.

The Award is an environmental award scheme focused on wild places. It is inclusive, accessible and non-competitive, though should challenge each participant.  The Award encourages awareness and responsibility for the natural environment through a structured yet adaptable scheme, in a spirit of fun, adventure and exploration.

To achieve a John Muir Award, each participant must:

  • Meet the four Challenges
  • Complete the required time commitment
  • Show enthusiasm and commitment towards their involvement
  • Have an awareness of John Muir
  • Understand what the John Muir Award is and why they are participating 

There are three different levels. The four Challenges are met for each level, increasing in responsibility and ownership:

  • Discovery Award – four days/25+ hours minimum time commitment
  • Explorer Award – eight days/50+ hours
  • Conserver Award – 20 days/125+ hours across at least six months