Physiotherapy aims to support and promote physical independence and works particularly with those who have difficulty with bigger (gross) movements including mobility, balance and posture.

The physiotherapist provides a range of bespoke assessments, interventions and programmes to meet the physical health needs of students. These interventions are integrated and delivered throughout the college day by the staff supporting the student resulting in maximal impact on their physical function and enhancing their ability to participate and access the learning opportunities within the college and beyond.

Physiotherapy can assess a student’s needs through a variety of methods. These may include direct observation, standardised/non-standardised assessments, communication with the student/family/carer and reviewing his/her EHCP and other previous reports available.

The physiotherapist provides training, advice and feedback to teaching and support staff to implement each student’s specific physiotherapy interventions to achieve their agreed targets and goals.  These interventions may include the use of specialist equipment such as standing frames as part of their ongoing 24- hour postural management programme.  The physiotherapist also supports the college in its provision of aquatic therapy and takes an active role in general health promotion.

The physiotherapist works in partnership with the individual’s wider network of care, including parents/carers and external services such as community therapists, medical practitioners, social care and equipment services to ensure a thorough and  holistic approach aiming for smooth transitions between college, home and the wider community.

Physiotherapy (ID 1243)