Stakeholder Views

We welcome and value the views of our stakeholders and regularly ask for feedback.

Each year we ask Parents, Carers and Learners for their views on the college. Results are analysed and areas for improvement are highlighted and actioned.

Please follow the link below to view the results of the Parents, Carer and Learner Questionnaires.

Parent and Carer End of Year Survey - 2021

Parent and Carer Survey Responses PowerPoint

The college has been amazing in supporting my daughter through the pandemic and her transition to leaving the college
End of Year Parent/Carer Questionnaire 2021

We are very pleased with how much A has progressed since being in college. She is able to do so much more for herself now as opposed to three years ago. This is testament to the staff who have supported her, the curriculum which has been purposeful and meaningful to taking into account our daughters needs, wishes and future aspirations. She leaves in July , but we know that she has been well prepared by her progress and achievements in college to take her through to the next phase in her life as she embraces adulthood. We cannot begin to thank you enough, what an outstanding provision.
End of Year Parent/Carer Questionnaire 2021


Horizons College Parent and Carer Survey 2019

Feeling Safe Questionnaire – Learner Voice Nov 2019

“My daughter really enjoys going to college and is happy and making progress. The staff are caring, supportive and encouraging.”
Parent/Carer Questionnaire 2019

“Feel that my son is comfortable in college and is encouraged to learn and progress.”
Parent/Carer Questionnaire 2019

“A refreshing learning place.”
Parent/Carer Questionnaire 2019

“Horizons is a fantastic college. The staff are always positive and helpful.”
Parent/Carer Questionnaire 2019