Tuition Funding 2023 / 2024


Horizons college prides it is self on ensuring that all our learners leave us as well-rounded citizens, who are fully prepared for their next phase into adulthood, the world of work and independent living.

Looking at this in a little more detail we aim to ensure all our learners:

  • Meet their future goals and aspirations, including long-term outcomes as set within their Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).
  • Are academically prepared to access the world of work and independence. • Are confident in building and maintaining positive relationships in work and in everyday life.
  • Can make a positive contribution within their local community.

To achieve these aims with our learners, we use the funding we receive in a variety of ways to support, empower and enable those learners who are vulnerable. These are learners who have been specifically disadvantaged for a variety of reasons due to the impact of the Covid pandemic; and who require additional targeted intervention to have the best life chances alongside their peers.

The Government recently allocated a one-off fund to schools and colleges. This funding is for students needing additional support in English, maths and other courses, where learning has been disrupted as a result of Covid-19 and the associated lockdown. Horizons has been allocated £18k to support students and have increased the post of the Specialist Functional Skills Tutor, recruited an additional work experience officer, the work of a College Counsellor and Specialist Catering tutor. These two specialist staff will support targeted students to catch up and meet their individual targets in line with their EHCP outcomes.

Horizons College will be able to deliver:

1. The 1:1 targeted intervention in relation to functional skills that would be delivered by Functional Skills Tutor based on learner outcomes from assessments and in addition, for those E3 and level 1 learners.

2. Delivering small group work in Maths and English targeting learners on remote learning programme that have not passed their Ascentis assessments.

3. Extra work carried out by Work Experience coordinator Supporting learners on Extended and Supported Internship building a WEX programme in collaboration with Employers.

4. Targeted general activities to provide pastoral support including mental health and wellbeing and Counselling service.

5. To support eligible learners with SEND to catch up on vocational and academic skills (Hospitality and catering), and skills and learning that are important for their preparation for adulthood.